Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Report Card: Zeus/SpyEye update

As I've said before, Brian Krebs is the "real deal" in security intelligence. His post today updates (a) the effectiveness of Zeus/SpyEye thwarting by ISPs using available tools, and (b) the reaction of the Russian mobsters who use these products to loot people's bank accounts. Good reading!

Thanks to Mr. Krebs, I was able to at least give Zeus/SpyEye a partial credit for defense, although it's a gift, since the defense is not integrated into Zeus/SpyEye but to the Russian mobsters' independent attacks on the service publishing information for ISPs to detect and thwart use of botnets that are propagating these attack systems. My updated Zeus/SpyEye and Stuxnet report card can be seen by clicking here.

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