Friday, May 13, 2011

Military sci-fi: the key to The Perfect Virus

Yesterday, I posted a review of John Ringo's newest book. Then, for the first time in my history with Google/Blogger, the site went down. Hard. When it came back, all the posts of yesterday were lost. So…

Was the Google/Blogger outage a weird accident, or was it due to my post yesterday (which I had to repost today because they lost "all" of yesterday's blog postings)? Well, if some "alien presence" takes issue with that post, then maybe they'll bring down Google/Blogger again today to keep things quiet. Of course it might just be someone from Argentina who didn't like my putting the "skunk on the table" in my review of John Ringo's The Hot Gate (in yesterday's blog, which, again, I reposted today).

Not being the paranoid type, Google/Blogger could have gone down any day and one could have looked at the provocative nature of my posts and drawn an erroneous conclusion aimed at the subject of my focus. So no, my Chinese and Russian readers, I'm not paranoid. But it was fun to think my efforts were more than that of a fiction author's research in suspending disbelief for his next novel.


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