Monday, May 23, 2011

Qakbot invasion undeterred since mid-2009

As reported in Friday's Register, the Qakbot worm can invade PCs and cleverly extend online banking sessions to loot the accounts. A detailed Symantec report on Qakbot shows a map of worldwide infections as well as an in-depth discussion of how it operates. The purpose of this post is not to regurgitate these reports, but to simply point out that no real deterrent to this criminal behavior exists. Licensed and bonded cyber privateers would put a check in the swing of anyone considering a life of cyber crime. And looking at the map of Qakbot global penetration, I suspect that the thieves are operating under the protection of at least one rogue government. Which would make the assets of that government fair game for retaliatory cyber privateer looting (see my Cyber Privateer Code). In my fantasy life, as the architect of The Morgan Doctrine, I'd love to do a Tony Stark victory lap during a Senate hearing and exclaim:
"Ladies and gentlemen, I have successfully privatized international cyber security!"

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