Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Japan/Sony; really, call Larry Ellison

Today's online Time/Techland news had two relevant Sony stories—(1) Sony CEO Stringer announces $1 million of identity theft insurance to PSN customers, and that (2) another attack is planned against Sony—which cause me to reiterate some heartfelt advice I left as a comment on #1 above:
I'm still inclined to cut Sony some slack here. The decision was "late" but not "too little" IMHO. Now, if Howard Stringer could just find a government (Japan, probably) inclined to legitimize a bunch of "cyber privateers" to open up a giant can of whup-ass on the people attacking Sony. I still think Japan's Prime Minister Kan and Sony CEO Stringer should give Oracle's Larry Ellison a call. Larry knows how to go to war, which I detail at in my previous call Larry Ellison posting.
Let's face it. The attack-Sony mentality is not some heartfelt movement by righteously indignant tekkies, but rather a plausible excuse for some wandering adolescents to go on a spray painting binge. For that reason, I don't personally see and end in sight for Sony. At least there is no end short of making it highly dangerous for anyone to attack them.

Really guys, you should call Larry. After which you should give some highly educated and financially motivated cyber privateers their get-out-of-jail-free card. From my post yesterday, there may even be the beginnings of a justification under U.S. law, assuming the U.S. District Court decision survives an inevitable Supreme Court challenge.

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