Saturday, May 28, 2011

Utah Cyber security center, Part II

As posted on January 6th, the massive NSA cyber security center in Utah would appear to be an ideal target for an EMP or a nuke. Not good news for those of us living with a 10-mile blast radius. A few cycling buddies and I took a 45-mile bike ride today, and went right by the facility. Nevertheless, this week's headlines build a strong case for getting the cyber war center up and running quickly. What with the high-minded Russian software firm Elmsoft cracking iPhone and Blackberry security—good guys that they are, the $128 cracking kit is only available to "law enforcement, forensic and intelligence organizations and select government agencies"—we need the NSA center like yesterday. And not only are the Chinese selling counterfeit Cisco gear, but they're even getting their prison inmates into the act by forcing them (naturally the government is not into this, wink wink) to play Internet games so prison guards can accrue hard currency. 

Upcoming headlines you can expect? How about jihadists getting extra-virgin-points from creative attacks on The Great Satan's infrastructure? As of this writing, is available. Could be a whole new growth industry.

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