Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Second Sony bomb a dire warning for U.S.

With the announcement of the second bomb obliterating another of Sony's online gaming networks, I also add Brian Krebs' warning from an "unnamed" security expert to emphasize the dire situation for us…er…U.S.
“What a lot of people need to understand is that there is a concerted and organized national level strategy being orchestrated against our country and others,” said one security expert who has helped a number of organizations respond to these sophisticated attacks, but who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. “Not many security companies out there are highly focused on this threat. We’re at risk of being completely overwhelmed and outmatched [if we don't] work together in a collective defense.”
 As I point out in my discussion of The Perfect Virus principle #14, Stealth:
In summary, The Perfect Virus will always execute a so-called "Zero Day" exploit, and never a signature one. It can't be blocked by Whitelisting because it Seamlessly Migrated (principle #5) with trusted applications.
As I mentioned over the last two posts, contrasting the U.S. mindset with that of China, we're just about to the point of defeat in the currently raging but as yet undeclared Cyber War.  The key point of agreement is the above "unnamed" assertion that, "Not many security companies out there are highly focused on this threat." I would add to that that our government is certainly not focused on this, either.

And the "dire" part of my assessment: Not only are aggressive counterattack policies needed, but our window for even considering licensed and bonded cyber privateers is rapidly closing.

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