Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Data Exhaust Prediction: Going After Mike Lee is John Huntsman's "Plan B" For a Run on the Presidency

John Huntsman, Jr. really REALLY wants to be president. Question is, does he do it in 2016 or wait until 2020 and run as a United States Senator where, if he loses, he doesn't give up his Senate seat? Enter Mike Lee, a Tea Party superstar who has the Utah power elite dog piling on him over his high profile in the shutdown. My super-secret social analytics engine fired off a whole bunch of warnings for me today as the "Twitterverse" hit critical mass with a Huntsman quote in the Washington Post (read the story here). Putting his own ideological spin on his home state and voter sentiment here, the former Utah governor and Obama's ambassador to China is quoted as opining about Senator Lee:
“You don’t have ideological wack-jobs,” Huntsman said.
Huntsman has the war chest and state-wide recognition to unseat Lee for the nomination in 2016. I predict this is his "Plan B" if a direct run at the White House doesn't look doable.

Speaking about "wack-jobs" though, the Washington Post managed to interview quite a few of them for their hatchet job on Mike Lee. My advice to Senator Lee is not to take this lying down.

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