Friday, October 4, 2013

JOSEPH from SPAIN Working on Part K4 of the CIA Kriptos Sculpture

In a seriously clever bit of detective work, JOSEPH from SPAIN (see how he made monkeys out of the FBI decrypting the Ricky McCormick code here) has done another tour de force by just possibly backing into the last mysterious piece of the Kriptos sculpture outside the CIA headquarters in Langley, VA (see his proposed solution here). Is he correct? I can't wait to see.


  1. Hello from Spain


    Looks like someone reads your post

    +Now trying to check my theory. I've been to the web site of Kryptos sculptor Mr Seaborn:

    +THe first thing I did. I wrote "peopletocr" according to my solution "clean"

    I did not get a positive response

    .....but in the kryptos text K4 may be some cryptographic mistake voluntary or involuntary (or the web site is broken).

    By example, year 2006:
    "But now Jim Sanborn, the artist who created the Kryptos sculpture, says he made a mistake. A previously solved part of the puzzle that sleuths assumed was correct for years isn't. The new information, including what the mistaken text really says, is creating a buzz among enthusiasts who've been obsessed over the sculpture for years." MORE:

    + My solution is "Clean" because is an excerpt from Reagan's speech in Berlin, and has no misspellings because it has not been decrypted or encrypted, only deducted.

    + Now i search for a mathematical or expert in cryptology to verify my theory. This would be the final solution but this challenge has no rules.

    + Jim Gillogly, a Southern California computer scientist, who resolved k1, k2, and k3 said "There were no written rules in this contest", and adding: "As far as I'm concerned a crack is where you find it. The choice of tool isn't the important part, but rather the decisions about how to use the tools."

    I continue looking to verify this solution.

    Best regards.

  2. Hello from Spain.

    + I'm still looking.
    It seems necessary to have a mathematical solution to accept my solution

    + I have no official support but a stranger is watching my blog from this referral URL:

    Owned by U S Africa Command (AFRICOM)

    Someone is poking
    (I hope the US Army knows that Spain is not in Africa)


  3. Hello Mr Bennett

    + Something strange has happened

    Sanborn set up the website back in 2010 so people could submit the first 10 characters of their proposed solutions. That website does not appear to be online anymore.

    A few weeks ago Sanborn implied some Kryptos news was coming and now his solution submission site is down

    It expired on November 15, and he forgot (or chose not) to renew it. Jim Sanborn has chosen to take the site down.

    + This is the official version: He was getting way too many "junk" entries, and he just got tired of it. He is working on a new method for people to submit potential answers.

    Is this true or is it an excuse?

    So, this is solved? who knows.

    Bye from Spain.

    1. Hello mr Bennett

      The website is down because the sculptor wants money, fifty dollars for response.

      He did not renew the website when it was due to expire about a year ago, but nothing was mentioned on google since then until now.

      The only reference I could find on Google was dated within the past month, doesn't have anything before today. And as of September 13, 2014, there was no mention on his website of this. And his PDF file was dated November 21, 2014.

      He has just changed his website layout and taken the opportunity to create a pdf file but the fee structure has been in place for the last 2 years, supposedly.

      If he was looking to either cut down on the E-mails (direct or from thenow-defunct, or to make money, I'm sure he would know to publicize it. If anyone else has seen a public reference to the $50 Western Union deal before , please speak up.

      And so ends the mystery of the missing website.

      Bye from Spain.

  4. Hello Mr Bennett

    Finally, a New Clue to Solve the CIA’s Mysterious Kryptos Sculpture

    The six letters that spell “Berlin”—NYPVTT—-are the 64th through 69th letters of the final 97 characters and the new clue “clock” are deciphered from the next five letters that follow it.

    This means that the letters from positions 64 to 74 spell out two words: “Berlin clock.”

    When asked whether his new clue was a reference to this Berlin clock, Mr. Sanborn, sounding pleased, said, “There are several really interesting clocks in Berlin.”

    He added, “You’d better delve into that particular clock,” a favorite of conspiracy theorists because of the mysterious death in 1991 of its designer, Dieter Binninger. With all the intriguing timekeepers in the city, including the “Clock of Flowing Time,” Mr. Sanborn said, “There’s a lot of fodder there.”

    So, obviously I’m wrong.

    It was a very nice solution possible but the circumstances have changed

    The hunt continues

    Bye from Spain.

  5. Joseph from Spain submitted this and I tried to hit "Publish" on my iPhone, but inadvertently hit delete. So I'm pasting it in for him. Sorry Joseph. Fat fingers got me:

    Hello Mr Bennett

    Berlin -- Have you been there?

    A strange clock of Berlin and Kryptos, the CIA sculpture have something in common in their base: A compass rose engraved

    At the same time as the main sculpture was installed, sculptor Jim Sanborn also placed several other pieces around CIA grounds, such as several large granite slabs with sandwiched copper sheets outside the entrance to the New Headquarters Building. Several morse code messages are engraved in the copper, and one of the slabs has an engraved compass rose and a lodestone. Other elements of Sanborn's installation include a landscaped area, a duck pond, a reflecting pool, and several other seemingly unmarked slabs.

    The World Clock "Urania" located on the famous Alexanderplatz is one of the most visited places of cosmopolitan Berlin. Located in the city center and meeting point for tourists, friends, lovers or protesters, is as popular as Alex itself.

    The structure of cement and aluminum measuring total 10 meters high. The lower column measuring 2.7 meters and has a width of 1.5 meters. It stands on a compass rose shaped stone mosaic (shown in the picture, notice his base of the spine).

    Is this just a coincidence?

    I have not visited Berlin and I have no better picture.
    Is it true that there is a compass Rose?

    This seems like the search for treasure
    To search where is the x, or in this case looking where is the compass rose.

    Bye from Spain.

    1. hello mr Bennett

      There is another possible link between "Atomic Clock" (Weltzeituhr) or "Urania world time clock" and "Kryptos": The friendship or companionship.

      Erich John (6 February 1932) is a German Designers who became internationally known for the design of the Urania World Clock on Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

      In 1982 he was appointed to the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio), Department of Industrial Design, as a visiting professor.
      Source (in german):

      There a possible way that Jim Sanborn can personally know and interact with him in Ohio or other place of the United States in the eighties.

      But this is more difficult to confirm.

      Maybe some of your readers may say something about this assumption

      Bye from Spain.

  6. In answer to Joseph from Spain's post above, no I've never been to Berlin. I never cease to be intrigued at your deductive and non-mathematical/brute-force methodology. I call this looking for "data exhaust" and I generally require analytics tools to get even this far. Keep it up. And great to hear from you.

  7. Hello Mr Bennett

    Actually in Berlin there are very strange watches like this
    "The Clock of Flowing Time"

    ... but the most notable is the "Atomic Clock" (Weltzeituhr) or "Urania world time clock" because it is not the typical communist sculpture of the period

    "This kinetic sculpture from 1969 shows, mechanically, the time in all time zones of the world. This sculpture is an early example of global thinking, produced in a country where free travel was not permitted."
    Bettina Pousttchi THE CONSTRUCTION OF TIME

    + After the Second World War the leadership of the German Democratic Republic decide for an extensive renovation work at Alexanderplatz. Various competitions had been set for the rearrangement of the place. The designer Erich John won the competition for the redesign of the Urania column with his idea of the world clock.

    He realized the clock from plan to completion within nine months (1968-69). He coordinated the collaboration of 120 colleagues from the college of Fine Arts in Berlin and the optical factory in Rathenow, who worked in their freetime. In the clockwork a Trabi-gearbox and a ball bearing from Rothe Erde Dortmund work together - an early technical German-East-West arrangement that Erich John incited with skill and courage.

    + It is a beautiful story of work done in common, between east and west, and multidisciplinary

    Jim sanborn has created many works of art that deal with invisible forces. These include the coriolis effect and its use of Newton's laws of motion that govern the motion of an object in an inertial frame of reference. He has also worked on pieces that implemented the Earth's magnetic field using lodestones

    Thus themes in his work have included "making the invisible visible", with many sculptures focusing on topics such as magnetism, the coriolis effect, secret messages, and mysteries of atomic reactions.

    I think it is similar to Kryptos sculpture

    A work about space, time, magnetism and the universe

    Now I must translate this into a cryptographic solution.


  8. Hello Mr Bennett

    I found a cipher that appears related to the clues of the sculptor: "The Clock cryptograph" is basically a nicely implemented Wheatstone cipher disk

    The Wadsworth's cipher was a cipher invented by Decius Wadsworth, a Colonel in the Ordnance Corps of the United States Army. In 1817, I developed a progressive cipher system based on a 1790 design by Thomas Jefferson, Establishing a method That was improved upon and used Continuously Until the end of World War II (by the Danish army).

    Wadsworth's system involved a set of two disks, one inside the other, where the outer disk had the 26 letters of the alphabet (and the numbers 2-8 or incorporating any changes), and the inner disk had only the 26 letters. The disks were geared together at a ratio of 26:33. To encipher a message, the inner disk was turned until the desired letter was at the top position, with the number of turns required for the result transmitted as ciphertext. Due to the gearing, a ciphertext substitution for a character did not repeat until all 33 characters for the plaintext letter had been used.

    The importance of this system is that each of the words of the message influences the way in which the following, a property very interesting is encrypted and using modern ciphers.

    Now I will try to find the combination of the two rings of the clock

    Bye from Spain.


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