Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morgan Rapier: "The Only People Who DIDN'T Know About PRISM Were U.S. Voters"

The previous assertion (read it here), that the only people who DIDN'T know about NSA spying were U.S. voters, was reinforced by yesterdays UK Register story (read it here) how the Australian government knew about PRISM as early as 2007. Certainly, all the major  "state players" (read that as governments around the world) knew what we were up to. America really ought to hold itself to a higher standard, which means a publicly articulated cyber doctrine of overwhelmingly disproportionate response to cyber intrusion—The Morgan Doctrine—is the high-ground alternative to a PRISM police state. Yes, as Larry Ellison told Steve Jobs, "That moral high ground is expensive real estate."


Morgan Rapier

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