Friday, October 25, 2013

Morgan Rapier: "Who you gonna' believe, Huawei or your lying eyes?"

Morgan Rapier, the hero of Daddy's Little Felons, would have this to say about Huawei's latest pronouncements on security:
Once again, Huawei missed out on a chance to set itself apart from NSA spying and the complicity of U.S. software companies in aiding and abetting those activities. The UK Register reported on October 19th (read the story here) that Huawei published a white paper calling for "…globally backed, verifiable security standards…" :
"Among the global vendors, the spotlight has been on Huawei more than anyone else, because we are quite unique being a Chinese-headquartered business. And therefore we have to go the extra mile when it comes to security, and we are pleased to go the extra mile. But there's no point in Huawei improving its security on its own if nobody else in the ecosystem improves their security," he concluded. 
Two-and-a-half years ago, a solution to your world-wide image problems was proposed in these very pages (see the story here). It was proposed that you put $1 million in escrow with a trusted third party to whom you would have given the right to make disbursement if anyone discovers any kind of back door or trap door in your offerings. You say you are not a secret arm of the Chinese government? Prove it.
U.S. cloud vendors are on their heels around the world. Major U.S. software companies like Microsoft and Google are acknowledged suppliers of intelligence to the NSA. Our own government has come right out and said you, Huawei, spies for China (see story here). Instead of issuing that inane white paper, you could have "bearded the lion in his own den" once and for all.
That fact that you did NOT take a more aggressive stand is proof positive that you are indeed spying for China. Paraphrasing Richard Prior's use of a thought originally coined by the Marx Brothers, as if he were talking to the worldwide computer industry about you: 
"Who you gonna' believe, Huawei or your lying eyes?"

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