Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hey Steve Jobs, Google is offering a bounty!

Computerworld reports today that Google is offering a bounty to Web bug hunters. They pay between $500 and $3,133.70 (an odd number?) to people who have found bugs in Chrome and reported them to Google before reporting them to the public. They are extending this now to people who find website flaws (this does not extend to Android).

So, Mr. Jobs! You have a history of spectacular innovation a la Leonardo Da Vinci. Penetration by Apple products into the enterprise means some real opportunities exist to innovate in security. And today's Networkworld talks about enterprise adoption of the iPad and the security concerns. Why not have dinner with Larry Ellison sometime and toss around how you guys could really get cyber privateer support for plugging security holes in Apple/Oracle products?

That's one high-bandwidth conversation on which I'd like to eavesdrop. Heck, I own www.CyberPrivateer.com and would gladly contribute that domain name to a joint venture.

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