Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Perfect Virus principle #2: Feral Fertility

As indicated in my post of Monday, 11/22/2010, I am extrapolating Jeff Walker's Principles for the Perfect Application into a discussion of The Perfect Virus. Since Jeff's monograph on the subject did not anticipate stealth or suicide mechanisms, any errors or lapses into stupidity are solely my additions and should not reflect poorly on what I consider to be the biggest single contribution to software application design since the invention of computers. And Jeff, thanks for giving me permission to do surgery on your baby.
THE PRINCIPLE OF FERAL FERTILITY: In yesterday's post on principle #1, Oversight, I contended the reason that The Perfect Virus needed reliable off-switch or pause capability transcended a mere moral argument. Simply, without compliance to principle #1, you cannot achieve Feral Fertility. Feral Fertility demands that The Perfect Virus not only spawn geometrically, but it must be able to mutate or even kill itself or its own spawn to avoid either its or their detection. It must be able to sense available nesting areas via wireless technologies (such as Bluetooth) or in peripheral EPROMS for reseeding.

Feral Fertility is critical to Stealth (principle #14), but is equally important to Oversight (principle #1), because geometric spawning across networks, operating systems and heterogeneous hardware environments is the best defense against detection and eradication. All instances of The Perfect Virus must be under a master control topology in case the goals of the sponsoring privateer organization either change or are achieved.

Finally, the "Feral" part of Feral Fertility demands that the spawning virus be able to kill not only its offspring, but under certain conditions it must be able to kill its parents, even multiple generations of parents if Mutations (principle #6) have gotten out of hand.

Tomorrow, I will deal with the second-most difficult characteristic of The Perfect Virus, Self Awareness (principle #3). And so as not to keep you in suspense, the most difficult feat of The Perfect Virus will be principle #7: Black Box Portability (a la Piers Anthony's Macroscope virus).


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