Thursday, November 11, 2010

IP addresses of Chinese attack servers

After looking at a month of error logs from attempts to hack my poor little Linux server, I've captured what I contend are China-based root attack machines. A given attack will cycle through servers around the world, and a sub-five-second delay between widely dispersed geographic locations proves beyond doubt that a master engine is doing the attacking. Most of the other attacking IP addresses are likely systems that have been taken over by ├╝berhackers, but  the following China-based IP addresses are IMHO manned by Chinese personnel who are on the attack:    
My reason for making such a claim: China is a totalitarian state bent on world cyber-domination, and nothing happens on the Internet without the tacit approval of Chinese authorities. My goal in this post is not to propose any kind of retaliation (because inciting such a response is strictly against some pretty asinine U. S. cyber laws), but to shine a light on a bunch of cockroaches. So no, I am not proposing that these IP addresses be attacked and shut down. No, I am not proposing that little genius virus applets be covertly loaded on every EPROM connected to every peripheral device on these systems, to be periodically awakened to wreak havoc on every other computer and user that touches these systems. No, I am not proposing that every file on these systems be replaced with repeating text saying, "Greetings from the Destroying Angel." And no, I am not proposing that email from these systems be sent to every important address in China announcing the next neighborhood Falun Gong meeting. Because all of the above would be illegal under US Law (did I mention that these laws are asinine?), not to mention that it would be just plain wrong to place the operators of those systems in mortal peril at the hands of a paranoid regime. No, my future amy of cyber privateers, I just wanted to shine a flashlight on a bunch of cockroaches.

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