Thursday, November 4, 2010

My ultimate cyber privateer and alter ego

"We do not come in peace"

My first use of illustration from Canadian Daryl Mandryk is still my favorite, and the fellow in the image is my alter ego. Well, maybe he's also my favorite because after we ran this ad in the San Francisco edition of the Wall Street Journal during the RSA show, the WSJ ran it again for us free of charge, full page, nation wide. And my cyber privateer kind of cut a wide swath, receiving the attention of some very big organizations.

Since I'm still getting email from my dead friend Jeff Menz's hacked Yahoo account—with a Belgin redirect (probably a hacked server) to a  pills page registered through Web Werks in India and part of the RIPE Network out of Amsterdam—I am yea verily motivated to put these yokels out of business. Actually, I want to make them hurt, too. If the United States Congress were to issue me a Letter of Marque and Reprisal and offer me a 50/50 split for any booty confiscated from these criminals, I know exactly to whom I'd subcontract the job. Furthermore, I'd give them 100% of my share of the prize. No, I'm not playing that card face up. Someday, though, I'm going to wield…the cyber sword of justice…just like my alter ego below.

By the way, BigFix actually heard from the legal department of some company that had trademarked the "BFG" term. They weren't buying that it stood for "BigFix Gun" either. Even though they weren't in the software or security business, we took it off all future ads and just used the company logo. And here I thought the Duke Nuk'em folks had tied up "BFG". They didn't. Go figure.

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