Saturday, August 6, 2011

Are the Chinese into YOUR computer?

In a story I reported earlier this week, virtually every major company infrastructure has been compromised by (probably) Chinese intelligence operatives. No surprise. In November of last year, I published the IP addresses of the Chinese attack servers that declared war on MY little Linux honey pots. And while I criticized McAfee for watching the attack logs of one Chinese command and control system since 2006 and yet doing nothing about it, they did at least cooperate with Seculert, who will tell you if your infrastructure IP addresses have shown up on the Chinese command and control log. The Computerworld story is here. To see if your system has been compromised, click here. You may want to check all your company IP addresses at the preceding link. If you're with Microsoft, Sony, IBM, Oracle, or PG&E, don't bother. You've been penetrated.

One of the more laughable responses to the revelation came from China:
China even responded, saying in its official People's Daily newspaper on Friday that linking every cyberattack to the country is "irresponsible."
If you parse the statement carefully, it must have been written by a diplomat. No guys, we're not linking every cyberattack to you. Just the ones that show up in this command and control log file. Plus the IP addresses I reported above of Chinese servers attacking me, personally. Plus my second-ever article reporting how you stole the Joint Strike Fighter plans from Lockheed.  Plus yesterday's post on your involvement in the RSA certificate heist. Not to mention my posts on China as "the usual suspects." So no, you're not in on every cyberattack. But until you start acting responsibly on the international cyberstage,  you'll continue to entertain the world with your carefully worded denials.

And for your information, no one has ever rebutted my publishing the IP addresses of your stinking attack servers. If anybody in the U.S. Congress ever wakes up and lets my licensed and bonded cyber privateers loose, I'll be sure they leave a calling card starting with those IP addresses. You can take that to the bank. I know I will.


  1. The New Usual? ...

    Enter the Cyber-dragon
    Hackers have attacked America’s defense establishment, as well as companies from Google to Morgan Stanley to security giant RSA, and fingers point to China as the culprit. The author gets an exclusive look at the raging cyber-war—Operation Aurora! Operation Shady rat!—and learns why Washington has been slow to fight back. Related: Michael Joseph Gross goes inside Operation Shady rat.
    By Michael Joseph Gross•
    Illustration by Brad Holland
    September 2011

  2. Sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it.


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