Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lloyd's justification for looting Chinese government

On August 19th, I suggested a justification to a hypothetical bonding authority—such as Lloyd's of London—authorizing the looting of Russian Federation banking assets by licensed and bonded cyber privateers. Here is the beginning of a similar "Chinese smoking gun," proof that China is involved in state-sponsored cyber attacks. The following screen shot was taken from a Chinese TV ad run in July, and the newspaper translates the labels in the image as "Select attack target" from a pull-down list of Falun Gong sites.
The rest of the article qualifies the story as follows:
That’s because The Epoch Times says the video identifies the software as being written by the Electrical Engineering University of the People’s Liberation Army, while the IP address the video shows as originating the attack,, resolves to the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The university told the newspaper that the address has not been used since 2010, and it believes its network has not been compromised.

While the video may have been seen as propaganda claiming a capability that didn't actually exist, the government-run TV channel CCTV7 has since removed the original video from its Website and replaced it with a more generic slot, leading F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen to agree with the newspaper that the footage is genuine, and was included in the original footage by mistake.
China has consistently denied launching state-sponsored attacks against international targets (as has practically every government accused of espionage of any kind).
Part of the video ad can be seen on the F-Secure website by clicking here

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