Friday, August 19, 2011

Lloyd's justification for looting Russian government

Yesterday I opined that the U.K. CPBA (Cyber Privateer Bondinging Authority)—such as Lloyd's of London— would not likely sanction an operation if its case weren't air tight. The question is, how do you build an air-tight attribution case? Check out Brian Krebs' story on how Russian cyber criminals actually paid off authorities. This is one giant nail in the coffin a corrupt Russian government. So should the pending E-petition to the HM Government be acted upon, and should the U.K. become the first country to legalize cyber privateering and adhere to the Cyber Privateer Code of Conduct, then per paragraph #2 of the code, Russian government assets could be looted.

I would imagine the Parley Dialogue (see paragraph #3 of the above referenced Cyber Privateer Code) would go something like this:
Russian Ambassador: "You just looted $10 billion dollars US from Russia." 
Privateer Parley Agent: "Yes sir, that is correct." 
Russian Ambassador: "This is an act of war!" 
Privateer Parley Agent: "This isn't the United Nations, so let's cut to the chase. We'll give you half the money back if you immediately arrest the individuals in the cited criminal organizations, the government law enforcement officials to whom they were paying protection, and publicly admit complicity and indemnify our bonding authority for future challenges to this raid." 
Russian Ambassador: "This is outrageous! And if we do not comply with your demand?" 
Privateer Parley Agent: "Then tomorrow we will confiscate another $10 billion of your assets." 
Russian Ambassador: [unintelligible sputtering] 
Privateer Parley Agent: "You have ten hours to comply on this video conference channel. After that, the deal is off the table and pursuant to Cyber Privateer Code paragraphs #1 and #2 we will continue raiding your banking assets for a period of 6 months."
My question now, is how long do you think cyber criminals will continue to function around the world?

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