Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Data exhaust" from the DoD and my granddaughter

My infatuation with pattern based analytics (Freakonomics authors Dubner and Levitt liken these data to looking at the rapidly dissipating contrails from high-flying jet aircraft)—and finding correlations between pieces of unrelated "data exhaust"—leads me to muse once again on privacy and our future. Consider the DoD and…my granddaughter:

  1. The Department of Defense is looking to fund up to $42 million in research to use Twitter as an intelligence resource
  2. Last night at a family barbeque, I looked over my granddaughter's shoulder as she wanted to show me some of her friends on Facebook. I was absolutely stunned by her deft navigation and lightning-quick filtering of hundreds of flashing pages over just a few seconds. The kid obviously knew her way around the social cyberscape.  
What correlations do I find in this "data exhaust?" Simply, ego and vanity seem to trump privacy in this brave new world of ours. Which means mining of social media feeds is the already in-progress Gold Rush Of the New Century (GRONC if you like acronyms). I suspect that aggregating data across just three networks—Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook—is the next big growth industry.


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