Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awh come on, U.K.!

Up until the last sixty days, I kind of thought my cyber privateering proposal was excellent fodder for a new novel, but that there was little chance a major country would literally adopt the policy. Yesterday's video by George Friedman, founder of the Stratfor intelligence think tank, significantly changed the battle ground. Listen his analysis for the world political economy, and you'll see some "data exhaust" that might make you a believer, too. His net-net, to which I wholeheartedly agree:
[Paraphrasing him]: "We have a crisis in virtue, and a complete loss of faith and trust in our financial elite which has now spread to our political elite. London rioters contend their own criminality has been legitimized by the criminality of both the financial and political leaders. The financial and political elite seem to be making record salaries while the little guy is paying the price."
Net-net: The people we trust have profoundly lost that trust. There has never been a better time to take cyber security completely out of the proven-incompetent hands of the politicians. The Chinese are continuing their global misconduct. Whole countries are falling victim to brilliant cyber assaults. Rebels with a cause—like Anonymous—aren't missing any opportunities to protest in evermore disruptive ways. The "Young Darth Vader" doesn't even get Russian jail time for stealing $10 million from the bank of Scotland. All the while, the financial elite are earning record bonus checks. And the politicians are more interested in scoring points against their opposition than in solving the core problems.

For this reason, if the cyber privateering E-petition to HM Government can somehow be resurrected (see yesterday's post where HM Gov rejected a first pass at it) goes online, I predict it will garner the 100,000 signatures needed for the politicians to actually put this skunk on the table. Because having to go out and actually work for a living may not appeal to such a large body of proven incompetents.

Besides, as I pointed out in my note to Australia on the first-mover advantages, the rest of the world will "circle the wagons but silently cheer you on." Furthermore, my speculation on the pro forma financials is that the first cyber privateer raid sanctioned by the legal bonding authority could put BILLIONS into the U.K treasury. BILLIONS.

I have a pretty good idea who I'd recommend to be the U.K. Cyber Privateer Bonding Authority. Hint: The first Bonding Authority could turn the entire financial world on its collective ear. Want to take a guess? Which would make the LSE and AIM the other two legs of a remarkable world financial leadership platform. Come on, HM Gov! This is your chance to turn the tide.

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