Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prize for UK cyber privateer E-petition

Yesterday I put out a call for one of my U.K. readers to submit an E-petition to HM Government that would legalize (legalise to you Brits) cyber privateering. I said I'd come up with a swell prize for the first person that enters the E-petition. And a "sweller" prize if we get the 100,000 signatures necessary for the measure to be debated in The House of Commons. Well, the prize for the U.K. citizen who initiates the E-petition will be a signed hard-cover copy of my novel Destroying Angel. In fact, chaps, I'll even pay for shipping and handling anywhere in the world.

You computer wizards will especially like one of my characters named Black Madonna. She's a computer genius who speaks only in palindromes (sentences that read the same backward as they do forward). Black Madonna writes a computer virus that achieves consciousness and takes over the Internet. As an author, the reason I created this character and have her speak only in palindromes is that I wanted to "suspend desbelief" by showing how innately smart she was. It took me twenty years to write the novel, because sometimes one line of dialogue would take me and a pair of computers an entire week to craft. After all, I couldn't cheat. For example, when she is trying to complement a person with whom she is chatting online, and yet warn him of danger, she writes: "Part Allah, eh? The hall a trap!" Like I say, sometimes a single line of dialogue took a week to write.

Here ya go. Cover price of $30, with all postage and shipping paid. Of course, you can get it directly from Amazon new for a mere $22.80. Or used for $2.51. But if you create the E-petition, I'll sign it and personalize the message. Truly a collector's item, if you have a sense of history.

I'm still working on a SPECTACULAR prize to the E-petition initiator should your submission achieve 100,000 signatures and get debated in The House of Commons. Suggestions for such a prize would be welcomed.

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