Monday, September 12, 2011

Attribution in cyberwar; advice to China

I've been mulling a recent headline attributing the RSA hack to China, based upon the fact that a virus upload spreadsheet used a Chinese version of Excel. While I'm not convinced that it wasn't China, given that country's bad reputation for cyber citizenship, I might want to point the finger at China if I were another entity who wanted to remain…no pun intended…anonymous. I have previously posted some advice to China on how they might "get ahead" of the international dog pile. I reiterate that with the same kind of advice I gave to LulzSec: Do a Dick Morris. Admit to previous bad acts, indicate a change in national policy, and beg forgiveness. There really is a way to turn your liabilities into assets of equal magnitude. Especially if some outside force is setting you up to take their fall.

Or you can wait for cyber privateers to publicly and profoundly b*tchsl*p you. Your choice. Do it the easy way or do it the hard way.

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