Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who'd want to pwn Linux?

Yesterday's Register story about the continuing troubles of Linux.com begs the question, "Who'd benefit the most by roaching the Linux supply chain?" IMHO, the culprit is likely not Anonymous or LulzSec, since Linus Torvalds is the patron saint of anti-establishment forces in the cyberverse. It's more likely that a nation-state is making a concerted effort to sneak their stuff into Linux for their own cyber-domination projection of power. Insert your stuff early enough in the food chain, you own the world.

Given that cyber privateering is not legal anywhere, the above-mentioned nation-state had better beware of well and truly honking off a bunch of open-source acolytes. Again, IMHO, this is the second-best line of defense the world has to cyber criminals and rogue governments: an army of zealous penguins defending their pristine antarctic preserve. Until now, they've had to direct their anger at opponents of WikiLeaks. But give them a government to bring down? Now you're talking!

Be careful, China.

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