Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Spies like U.S."

Sorry, but this isn't a Chase/Akroid comedy. Some real families have been put in harm's way.

Imagine that you are part of a network of intelligence professionals, getting together for TGG (The Greater Good). You've done everything right. You've anonymized your Web surfing. You run the latest private-label sandboxed browser. You never reuse passwords, and you change those passwords frequently. You NEVER open documents sent to you online, even if they are from trusted associates. You don't even run a commercially available operating system. You do all that, and then wake up one morning to see your name, email address, and (for some of you) even your home address publicized for the whole world. How did this happen?

Ask Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA), whose entire 3,000-name membership list got published by Cryptome (click here to see the list). I would imagine the next organizational banquet dinner will be served on shingles.

My question to you 3,000 who awoke to a NIGHTMARE ON SPOOK STREET is, "Are you sure you want to keep our status quo cyber security laws, or would you REALLY TRULY rather have some licensed and bonded HOUNDS OF HELL going after the people who have put your families at risk?"

Got a better solution? I'd love to hear it. This blog started out as a method to flesh out fictional "suspension of disbelief" for a series of novels I'm writing. It's been almost a year, and I have yet to see a reasonable alternative. Frank Herbert turned out to be your prophet of doom. It is time to deal with reality.

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