Friday, September 30, 2011

Drudge Report for anarchists:

The PR-savvy anarchists who may have thought twice about being tried as adults have made a positive evolutionary step, semi-legitimizing themselves as investigative journalists. Check out the Anonymous news page.

In fact, I'm interested enough in this unfolding story that I've turned on a top-secret analytics tool in my possession and tasked it to do an hourly Twitter-feed analysis on Anonymous. I think these guys have no fear (typical for the under-twenty-five crowd), as they've just declared war on the Mexican drug cartels. Frankly, I'd rather face an embarrassed and irate U.S. government any day than publicly disrespect and then even moderately inconvenience the Mexican drug cartels.

I ran a trial batch last night, doing hourly analytics on feeds from 7:00pm until midnight. At the time of this writing, I'll fire it up and do the same thing all day today. My conclusion so far:
  1. Anonymous has some seriously gifted PR minds at work.
  2. Quite a few people are seriously worried about the wisdom of "their buddies" taking on the Mexican drug cartels.
  3. Just before midnight, the Sony arrests suddenly transcended the "noise" level in Anonymous tweets.
  4. Attention span of Anonymous tweets/re-tweets/followers quickly shifts, probably due to boredom in the old "Bat Caves" and another shot of Red Bull.
  5. Anonymous is still schizophrenic, as they promise illegal activity based upon the Wall Street protest arrests but in their PR site promise that "All information presented in our reports is acquired through legal channels, fact-checked, and vetted thoroughly before release."
Thus, a "statement of direction" from anarchists is an impossible promise. Because however well meaning one individual or group appears, his compatriots can (and definitely will) go another direction altogether.

BTW, don't forget to review and sign the White House "Morgan Doctrine" petition (click here).

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