Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dmitri Minaev offers Russian Oracle insight

Two great comments today from Dmitri Minaev about the story behind Oracle and Russia. On January 29th of this year, I verified one source for a Larry Ellison quote:
"The only way the ORACLE RDBMS will ever be delivered to Russia is in the nuclear warhead of an ICBM."
Today, Dmitri Minaev posted the following two notes on that January 29th story:
Mr. Ellison didn't know that somewhere in 1987 or 1988 Bulgarian institute Interprogramma together with Soviet company NPO Informatika "developed" a RDBMS called KARS, the exact copy of Oracle. My part in this job was to translate original Oracle manuals (Pro*C, SQL*Plus, SQL*Calc, etc) into Russian.  
BTW, you know what was my worst headache? I didn't know whether the Bulgarian programmers had renamed Oracle's library calls like `ofetch' and `oclose' to `kfetch' and `kclose' correspondingly. No, they didn't :)  
Thanks, Dmitri. Just to let you know that "what goes around comes around," back in 1984 when we were "out-IBMing IBM" at Oracle, we copied the IBM SQL/DS and DB2 manuals for the Oracle product. I mean we LITERALLY copied them. Larry Ellison insisted we even keep the same page numbers.

Anyhow Dmitri, thanks for another little slice of history.

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  1. This is intriguing. I would like to know the history of DB2 implementation on Oracle and IBM.

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