Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another alien architecture: MPT

I just heard from my übergenius friend Kevin Howard, the brains behind Massively Parallel Technology's "Blue Cheetah" computer architecture. Here's Kevin's note to me:
Lol...good to hear from you Rick...we are currently using our product...Blue Cheetah CUB...loading it with lots and lots of math, CFD codes, biotech codes, nano-tech codes etc. CUB uses our new automatic coding/automatic parallel processing techniques. Its job is to remove most of the complexity surrounding programming in general and parallel processing in particular. In addition to decreasing programming to 1-2 orders of magnitude decrease in time to market, we also greatly increase the quality of that software. Our automatic programming model has been shown to generate code that is less than 1% slower than hand tuned serial code. This is the holy grail. He who can program the fastest and the "bestest" is the one that always wins the real performance game. After all if it takes you 2 years to program and runs in 2 seconds...your first run still took 2 years and 2 seconds.
 A standard binomial tree gather with a single communication channels can merge the data from 8 servers in 4 merge steps. Our latest system can with a single communication channel merge 11,110 servers in 1.3 merge steps (those silly fractals)...this is using the same speed communication for searches etc there is nothing even close...when you combine this with our automatic programming, automatic code sharing, and automatic parallel programming techniques those pesky communist and socialist do not stand a chance.

You hear that, China. You don't stand a chance. And I like Kevin's statement that if you take 2 years to program and only 2 seconds for the run, your supercomputer still takes two years and two seconds to solve the problem. Kevin's "automatic-coding/automatic-parallel-processing techniques" really are "the holy grail" solution.

Unlike the malware-proof alien architecture on which I previously wrote, Kevin Howard's stuff is up and running, today. Ooh-rah!

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