Friday, July 22, 2011

U.K. Register goads Anonymous/LulzSec

The Anonymous/LulzSec Wild West Hacking Show is getting all the free publicity the media can dish out.

 First, Anonymous claims they hacked NATO email. Then they say they won't release most of it because it would be "irresponsible." Interesting, given their WikiLeaks hero's lack of similar compunctions. Whereupon the U.K. Resister reports that LulzSec says it will "partner" with media on release of Murdoch emails. But the "skunk on the table" is that The Register then goads Anonymous/LulzSec by mocking the low security classification of the supposedly leaked NATO documents, and says "…Anonymouse/LulzSec will have to do better than this."

The question: Is LulzSec the remora on the back of the U.K. Register's shark-like body, or is the Register acting as remora to suck headlines out of LulzSec? Either way, get your popcorn, BigGulp and Hot Tamales ready, because we're in for some non-stop entertainment.

And to think in 1965 I would have been quite content to desegregate a diner in Selma, Alabama. If I wouldn't have given two thoughts to the risk-reward outcome of getting beaten senseless by some redneck with an axe handle, then I predict this modern-day version of holding hands and singing protest songs will not see an end anytime soon. Their response to FBI arrests says it all:
"Dear FBI: You cannot arrest an idea."
Please sir, no butter on my popcorn, thankyouverymuch.

Elvis has left the building.

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