Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Stupid and Stupider" in Zombieland

It's hard to keep a score card of all the insults as the wheels wobble on the Internet. Here's a sampling of what I've reported so far:

  1. The JCS thinks the DoD is stupid.
  2. The DOJ thinks the FBI is stupid. In fact, you can see their published report HERE.
  3. The Chinese think we're ALL stupid
  4. The FBI director thinks the whole world is stupid.
  5. There is an active competition to see who can become the stupidest man in the U.S. Senate.
  6. North Korea is using stupidity as an asset.
  7. The Iranians are sick and tired of being stupid.
  8. Sony stupidly accused Anonymous for what was most likely an inside job.
  9. LulzSec thinks everybody is stupid.
  10. Auto makers really are stupid.
  11. IMHO, Larry Ellison is definitely NOT stupid.
  12. Scotland Yard's supply chain meanders through stupid territory.
  13. American banks earn their reputation for venal stupidity.
  14. The FBI recruits only the stupid.
  15. Etcetera
Yes folks, welcome to The United States of Zombieland. If real human lives weren't about to be lost to a ravaging pack of brain-eating cyber zombies (aka botnets run by Darth Vader and his cronies, Chinese SCADA gear run amok, Iranians with a score to settle, North Koreans with nothing to lose, LulzSec/Anonymous anarchists looking for a cause, et al), this would actually be funny.

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