Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July in Zombiland!

Happy Independence Day. My chief copy editor and I wish you the very best. Tonight I'm going to simultaneously light off several grand finale aerial fireworks displays. For the first time, they're actually legal in my state. To those of you for whom July 4th is just another day at the office (or a day of mourning for my UK readers), maybe we can declare independence from restrictive cybercrime laws and make July 4th synonymous with cyber privateering enlightenment. Come on, folks. Some legislative body somewhere in the world could at least pass a statement-of-direction resolution to consider licensing bonded cyber privateers! Australia maybe? There's still time today.

Remember zombi killer rule #1: CARDIO (see all my zombi killer rules in my December 8th article).  I had an early morning bike ride on my Litespeed VORTEX over two mountains with a few buddies, and then came home and put my editor in the basket of my Ellsworth TRUTH mountain bike and rode in a neighborhood parade. This afternoon, I'm going to watch a language-edited version of Zombiland with a few kids, their spouses, and some grandkids. Really, this is a classic! Highly recommended for zombi killers everywhere. 

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