Friday, July 8, 2011

A summary of Larry Ellison quotes

Just so there can be no doubt why Larry Ellison leads my Cyber Privateer Fantasy League team, following are my previously reported quotes from him. You can click on the link to get them in context. I'll add to this list in subsequent posts:

  1. "He who controls the data rules the world."
  2. "If I want to hire someone for the Oracle kernel DBMS development group, I'll go to MIT and hire the guy who got a 5.0 GPA (4.0 was merely an "A" while the 5.0 got "As" in honors classes). If I want someone for the applications division, I'll hire a 5.0 (honors classes again) out of U.C. Davis. And if I want someone to run the mail room, I'll get a 5.0 out of Stanford [loud laugh]."
  3. "You know, if the U.S.S.R. had Oracle and some decent computing power, they'd never have lost the cold war. A small number of people could run a very large gulag."
  4. "If you had a modern jet fighter, it might take you the better part of a year to learn to fly it, but you could kill everyone in your neighborhood in one pass. On the other hand, you could learn to use a machine gun in a few minutes, but it would take you the better part of a week to eliminate all your neighbors. Also, you would undertake the slaughter at great personal risk to yourself (Can you spell SWAT?). It takes the resources of a government to produce jet fighters and weapons of mass destruction, and that’s why those things easily fall under the realm of disarmament and the United Nations. But anybody with a machine shop can build an assault rifle, and no serious United Nations effort can or will ever be mounted to include such weapons in under the disarmament umbrella. Cyber warfare can’t possibly fall under the realm of the United Nations and disarmament—nor should it be trusted to a government-only solution—because single individuals with nothing but laptops and Internet connections can (and will) create and launch weapons of mass-cyber destruction."
  5. "The only way the ORACLE RDBMS will ever be delivered to Russia is in the nuclear warhead of an ICBM."
  6. "I'll be damned if I'm going to get out-lied by a bunch of professors from Berkeley!"
Larry, master of the "calculated overstatement," is disciplined and single minded in the way he sets out to achieve his goals. Which is why I'd vote for him if he ran for President of the United States. We need a proven warrior in the cyber arena. Everything else comes in second. 

[As a personal note to Larry from me: I'd really like to head up the NSA if you do become president.]

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