Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chinese malware into our electronics?

Must have been a slow news day, yesterday. In a regurgitation of old news, really old news actually, the Computerworld headline read:
We're doomed: Shocking "Chinese" malware claim by DHS bigwig
Click on the headline and read the story for yourself. I've written many times about supply chain security and the likelihood that foreign suppliers would engineer elaborate trap doors into network and computer gear delivered to us. After all, low bidder is low bidder. It's probably difficult for U.S. diplomats to muster up enough righteous indignation and complain to the usual suspects and keep a straight face, since FBI director Mueller has publicly asked U.S. tech companies to build the same kind of trap doors into the products we ship around the world.

I've given the Chinese advice. I've given the Russians advice. I've even given LulzSec advice. This whole project of mine is to suggest some alternative thinking to cyber misbehavior: licensed and bonded cyber privateers and hold them to my posted Cyber Privateering Code.

The misbehavior will stop. Everywhere. You can take that to the bank. The risk is minimal, since we appear to be in the midst of a cyber war already.


  1. I don't think it's appropriate to generalize the culprits of cyber crimes based on where the attacks from. A few Chinese hackers doesn't mean all Chinese people are hackers.

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  2. Jon, Hacking is a matter of Chinese government policy and something of which (a) they've made no secret; and (b) to which they've made no attempt to diffuse. See my advice to Huawei.


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