Friday, July 29, 2011

"The cloud will not burst!" claim Feds

Actually, what FEMA CIO Richard Spires said was, "I am a believer that we are going to, over the next few years, really solve a lot of the cybersecurity concerns that we have with cloud-based services." 

Way to take one for the team, guy. Actually, Mr. Spires is sucking up to FED CIO Vivik Kundra, who is madly dashing to "…make cloud adoption a priority for federal agencies." 

THE GOOD NEWS:  They may have a point. I'd much rather trust cloud capabilities offered by one of my Cyber Privateer Fantasy League team players Marc Benioff (, than leave it up to our defense contractors to maintain even rudimentary network security (ManTech is the latest defense contractor to fall to Anonymous). Hopefully Marc's "death star" security will be better for DHS than leaving it up to a bunch of government employees to maintain even the remotest semblance of security best practices. 

THE BAD NEWS:  The feds will probably rely on their "beltway bandit" buddies (aka, existing defense contractors) to supply the specifications and "certify" cloud vendors. Gosh, now where could that go wrong? Ask Lockheed, who managed to lose the plans to our newest jet fighter. I covered this in my very second blog and have been harping on it ever since.

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