Saturday, June 25, 2011

Audience analytics: June 2011

There's been a rather dramatic change in my readership over the last month. First I'll share demographics, and then the actual subject rankings. Draw your own conclusions. Over the last 30 days, my top-11 audience rankings are distributed as follows:

Top-11 by frequency by readership numbers:
  1. United States
  2. France
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Russia
  5. China
  6. Iran
  7. Malaysia
  8. India
  9. Germany
  10. Canada
  11. Israel (just missed being in the top 10)
Now for the subject matter (hot-linked directly to the post, so you can easily check out the content for yourself):
  1. Defense CIO wants to emulate…Sony and Amazon?
  2. Frank Herbert clearly foresaw our day
  3. Hacker Wars: Jester vs. LulzSec, Round 1
  4. Frank Herbert predicted LulzSec
  5. WSJ: Cyber attack an "Act of War"
  6. IP addresses of Chinese attack servers
  7. Yahoo email gets an "F" in security
  8. Zeus virus scorecard update
  9. Privateer analytics: high-reward/high-risk numbers...
  10. Yes Martha, cyberwar is heating up!
  11. LulzSec takes me back to 1965
  12. One current Mossad technology?
  13. Mathematics behind one alien architecture
Interestingly, the last three were only posted this week, but are shooting toward the top…with a bullet (pun intended). Item 13 is one of my all-time favorite finds. Combine this with the new Secure DNS (DNSSEC) technology, and we may have a whole new ball game. In fact, the only entities with enough developmental and scientific horsepower to mount an effective cyberwar will require government-sized funding. Not good news for the LulzSec et al "rebels with a cause." 

But not to worry, all you agorophobic/OCD/bipolar loners. In my Monday post I think I'll stir the pot and give you a roadmap for continuing mischief. No, I'm not encouraging your breaking the law. But my hope in stating the obvious is to build a case for responsible political entities to realize that bonded and licensed cyber privateers are still our only hope. To that end I'm going to point out the holes in both DNSSEC and even the malware-proof and massively parallel Active Element Machine discussed in #13 above.

So to the man who is self-selecting himself into the-dumbest-U.S.-Senator competition (see article #10 above), I say: "Have a good weekend, Senator Menendez (D-N.J.). Your Philistine intellect is no match for a kid living in his mum's basement." 

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