Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chinese, the usual suspects, Part III

And the hits just keep on coming! This time, it's the International Monetary Fund (IMF) hack, with…you guessed it…fingers pointing toward the Orient. In Part II of my get-your-act-together-China diatribe, I talked about the Gmail phishing expeditions aimed at corporate and government executives. In yesterday's Richi Jennings Computerworld story, the reporting is a little soft:
"…commentators are fingering China as the chief culprit…"
What's with the "commentators" stuff? Almost as wishy-washy as "unnamed sources in the government." The closest indictment of China came in one of Richi's reported comments from another blogger that, "China is likely to come under suspicion."

I write today not because I'm jumping on the dog pile (in this "Year of the Rabbit"), but because China's reputation as a world cyber citizen is so tarnished that reputable news organizations are now throwing their name around without anything approaching hard evidence.

So who's next? Maybe Hu's next! He's certainly…on first. And what is China to do if some Iranian jihadist co-opts the Sino Cyber War machine and does some real damage to the U.S. infrastructure? Proving they didn't do it could be a logical impossibility.

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