Friday, June 3, 2011

WSJ: "You can infect anybody on the Internet"

Wednesday's WSJ front-page story on Mideast governments "hacking" Skype to keep track of dissidents has a most telling assessment of Internet security by David Vincenzetti, CEO of Milan-based HackingTeam:
"You can infect anybody on the Internet," he says. "When the infection has taken place, you get full control" of their device, "and that means you can extract any information from that device."
Notwithstanding that the above quote comes from an Italian whose company name is HackingTeam, I think the U.S. cybercrime laws are forcing us to play the Internet commerce game with a stacked deck. Our laws are certainly making Microsoft look like a bunch of complete idiots (see my Wednesday post).

My own "net net" question to U.S. lawmakers:  "Let me get this straight: You're okay letting repressive governments and foreign entrepreneurs use cyber defense tools explicitly illegal to U.S. companies?"

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