Saturday, June 11, 2011

FBI recruits only the dumbest hackers

Yesterday's post let me vent on U.S. plan-of-battle blundering, wherein the recommendation is to do something less than a proportional response to foreign cyber adventures, as opposed to my suggested overwhelming and mind-numbing response. Similarly, I've been pondering our current OOCB (Order Of Cyber Battle) since Time Magazine's Techland online posting of the June 7th U.K. Guardian story proclaiming that:
One in Four Hackers Works for the U.S. Government
The story goes on to say that the above-referenced hackers were caught and are working for the FBI in exchange for reduced or suspended sentences (just like the Russians failing to jail the young Darth Vader in my February 9th story). Given that these new federal employees are the ones who got caught, we can assume that the smartest 75% of the hackers have eluded that job offer they couldn't refuse.

I contrast this with my cyber privateering initiative. By monetizing cybercrime enforcement, we could get the smartest 25% working for us. Instead of the dumbest.

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