Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yes Martha, cyberwar is heating up!

Good thing my kids got me the movie entertainment package for Father's Day, as I previously recommended everyone get out the popcorn and Big Gulps for some real entertainment. In my Father's Day movie bag: 1 package each of Sweetly SOUR Belts, Hot Tamales, Junior Mints, Good & Plenty, Milk Duds, and 6 bags of microwavable ACT II popcorn with associated cardboard popcorn holders. The Sweetly SOUR Belts have me puckered up almost as much as recent headlines:
  1. Senate votes to make illegal video streaming a felony, a position certain to infuriate the LulzSec DDoS script jockeys.
  2. Japan Criminalizes Cybercrime: Make a Virus, Get Three Years in Jail. Sorry Sony, Nintendo and Sega. The guys effected by this spend most of their time figuring out video game hacks, so get set for some headline-seeking exploits.
  3. Sega Hacked, 1.3 Million User Accounts Compromised. See #2 above.
  4. Adobe Flash continues to be a prime target for cyber criminals
  5. Extortionist attacks oDesk by lifting their IP credentials. Just the tip of the ice berg. The next cyber criminals will learn from this moron's mistakes.
  6. Pentagon building a cyberwar simulator. Lockheed won the contract. Yup, the same company that got hacked multiple times and lost terabytes of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter data.
  7. Pakistani brags about hacking HP. Another fast gun, a modern day Billy The Kid. There'll be more where he came from. Heck, when you can't hold down a real job, you might as well get superstardom.
  8. UK police arrest LulzSec hacker. Boy, that ought to bring some response.
  9. LulzSec turns on itself. So much for discipline in an anarchist group. This is better than mud wrestling. 
  10. Entering The Dumbest Man in the U.S. Senate Competition is Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), who proposed new cyber security regulations for banks. Heaven help us. How about taking off the shackles and giving banks some you-screw-with-me-then-I-screw-with-you power, Senator?
  11. Bitcoin gets hacked for some serious money. Big bucks are just as easy to steal as small bucks.
  12. Network Solutions, holder of the keys to the kingdom, gets whacked hard. Talk about guys who should know better.
  13. Hack attack cripples thousands of Aussie websites. Not all bad news, since this might motivate them to become the first legal cyber privateer haven.
  14. The Pentagon gets some truly asinine marching orders from the White House. Read the second paragraph and make your own value judgement. Hint: Shall we wait for a presidential meeting in order to make a decision on an enemy whose turnaround timeframe is measured in nanoseconds.
  15. Team Poison is threatening to reveal LulzSec members' “pictures, addresses, passwords, IPs, phone numbers etc”. "Please Mom! I'm busy in the basement; tell those guys in dark suits at the front door that I don't live here."
Yum! I'm about to start on the Good & Plenty box. Next week will definitely be more entertaining than this week. Maybe the U.S. Congress will decide to perform in a Jackass sequel.

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