Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One current Mossad technology?

Yesterday, I said I'd speculate on currently fielded Mossad technology. Do I know for a fact it's operational? Not really. But let me give you the context of my speculation. My friend of almost two decades is an American/Israeli (dual citizenship) ├╝bbergenius who has humbly asked that I nickname him Maravedi (a small-denomination Spanish coin). His motto, by the way, is from Ivanhoe:
Auferte malum ex vobis ("Remove the evil from among you")
With that background, let me tell you about his technology. Imagine Google on steroids, plus everything Microsoft hopes will become the semantic Web, plus Wolfram Alpha. Then multiply by 10. I've been playing with my secret username/password on a system he custom built for me and an academic friend. What can this technology do?
  1. An early precursor to this system got a famous auction site out of the tank and running.
  2. A precursor to this system may (wink-wink) have been used by Lockheed to get a major contract as part of a strategic data service. Important documents and engineering data was online and could be instantly queried whenever a new round of questions came from the procurement process. Many companies have quietly used his hosted applications to remain in business through the last century when competition was fierce. Now he builds what he wants, for whomever he wants to build it.
  3. Given a specific application need, you can enter the GPS coordinates of a point on the earth and get everything that ever happened at or near that point in your databases, plus aerial photos, geological data, current ownership, and dozens of other facts public and private (sometimes VERY private).
  4. When you query a term (single word or complex boolean), a built-in inference engine that has been in the works for 25 years "grocks" a custom lattice and gives you all meanings, themes and motifs and imaginative arcana from which you can drill down.
  5. It has access to out-of-print documents that venal and self-serving historians have long since redacted because they are either politically incorrect or have been eliminated by whoever had the biggest mace with which to beat ideological foes into submission.
  6. You can query for themes and motifs that fit only into certain numeric ranges, notwithstanding measurement systems (cubits are converted into feet, meters, rods, leagues, etc.), combined with ideas and themes and intuitive imaginative thoughts. It uses Swarming Intelligence combined with a savant mechanism modeled from human thinking and language formation methods.
  7. It doesn't use Internet bandwidth spidering of every website in the world to then transfer data to a central server farm repository. Instead, it leaves the data at their exiting repositories and aggregates from those sites directly to you in a remarkable peer-to-peer fashion. Fast, too. Actually, too fast to believe.
  8. You can query an image database to get actual written context. Ditto for facial recognition, location and settings.
  9. You can do conversation aggregation and analysis from telephone intercepts to look for hidden meanings and not-directly expressed intentions. You can also test for intentional confusion and misdirection of meaning in discussions. The savant intelligence mechanism has no intention of its own, no bias, and can locate hidden possible meanings and abstracted ideas, allowing it to project intentions and model personal psychologies.
  10. The Lattace-API allows the savant mechanism to be made smarter by an expert, or even track down an expert all by itself. For example, it can "think like a crisis manager" in a given situation and search a given emergency procedures manual with its savant intelligence servo mechanism.
  11. Oh, yes. All of the above is only the tip of the iceberg.
What makes me think the Mossad has deployed this beast? Simple. When I asked Maravedi if the Mossad had this, he said "No way!" and then laughed his infectious laugh. He denies it. From my previous life as inventor of the Hagoth voice stress analyzer, I have a kind of built-in VSA in my brain. All kinds of alarm bells sounded in his answer, even before his almost hysterical laugh. Alas, my friend Maravedi is a lousy liar. I think.

He prefers not to have his name bantered about in public. To be sure, one or two government "spook shops" know exactly who he is. But I've agreed to help him maintain his privacy. Besides, he's not the least bit interested in money or commercializing his genius. I sincerely appreciate the favors he's doing for me and my academic friend. And oh what favors they are (helping me suspend disbelief in my fiction writing and helping my friend do some research the likes of which the world hasn't yet seen)!

Back to cyber privateering, imagine the Mossad using fully-blown Maravedi technology to isolate patterns from unrelated sources, along with a hack-proof cyberwar engine like The Active Element machine on which I wrote yesterday. 

Actually, I can definitely imagine it. 

Et tu, Stuxnet!


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