Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pwning the CIA website too?

Get out the popcorn and the Milk Duds, because the LulzSec crew are making some very public cyber attacks. I suggested yesterday that these guys have got to be pubescent and/or living in their mothers' basements, as their grokking of the risk-reward equation seems flawed. First the U.S. Senate and then the CIA website! Are bragging rights worth the jail time?

There is, of course, another scenario. It's certainly possible that LulzSec is acting as a "beard" to probe our cyber defense capabilities. Heck, if I were China or Russia, I'd want to see what kind of real cyber defense the U.S. had. And the one way I could be sure of figuring it out would be to do some embarrassing public hacks that had our citizens demanding action. Because the party in power does NOT want to have their management of our cyber defenses come into question.

Stay tuned. And don't let the popcorn butter make your keyboard all gooey.

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