Monday, June 20, 2011

Hacker Wars: Jester vs. LulzSec, Round 1

I told you to get your popcorn and goodies ready. First there was Anonymous. Then an apparent LulzSec spinoff that actually published thousands of email usernames/passwords as well as attacking the U.S. Senate and CIA websites. Now we have reports that Jester (a.k.a. Th3j35t3r) is exposing/counterattacking LulzSec members. The best analogy for today's entertainment is the story of Billy the Kid and his nemesis Pat Garrett: the Fast Gun Syndrome! Simply, we have a bunch of loners put want bragging rights above self preservation. They most likely reside in their moms' basements and live a fantasy life of excitement impossible for their Twinkie-filled bloat to manage in real life. Their virtual personae idolize WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, not only for his data leaks but also his well-publicized sexploits.

One big problem with fast guns, however. Sooner or later they really need to prove who is fastest, and they turn on each other. The current love polygon has Anonymous vs. LulzSec vs. Jester vs. The Authorities (an army of Pat Garretts is hot on everyone's trail).

I predict we'll soon have some highly publicized arrests. Want to bet that the bottom-end weight of the arrestees will be well over 250 pounds? Maybe you can find a Las Vegas establishment who'll open a book on such wagers.

Stay tuned.

Update on June 21, 2011: Hello Web Ninjas. Uh, got any Red Vines? Quite entertaining.

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